Designing Water Conservation Solutions in Middle Schools

Water UCI’s Middle School Challenge is more than just a program improving science education in universities and schools – it is building up a generation of students who are inspired to create their own imaginative solutions to one of our world’s greatest challenges.

Who we are:

Water UCI’s Middle School Challenge takes advantage of the mutual educational goals of both sets of institutions by allowing university students to gain valuable experience and increase their understanding of science topics through teaching, while at the same time providing an exceptional learning experience for primary and secondary school students who interact with college students to learn about the most pressing water issues of our time. By focusing on a current water issue, students in public schools learn the science behind the problem and then exercise the scientific method in determining a unique solution to the problem with their classmates. The students develop team work and communication skills while figuring out innovative ways to problem solve- skills that are beneficial beyond the classroom. UCI students complete a lecture at the secondary school during which time they teach the students about the significance of the issue as well as the underlying scientific principles. They develop the lecture with the help of university scholars and have the opportunity to acquire much-needed public speaking skills. Water UCI believes that science communication is a fundamental skill that all graduates of a university should possess. This program serves to strengthen that vital skill in participants, while enhancing learning for local secondary school students. This symbiosis of educational opportunity is valuable to students and teachers, affording UCI students the opportunity to serve as teachers and role models for aspiring future scientists.

The standards we hold:

Today’s primary and secondary school students in California are educated through innovative and high quality state science standards designed to lay a solid foundation for future science education. At University of California campuses, students are exposed to cutting edge science research and educated by scientific leaders and experts. Yearly educational programs are developed to match these science standards and goals.

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