Water UCI Education

Water UCI is committed to promoting educational and collaboration opportunities across campus. Below are activities scheduled with the assistance of the Water UCI initiative.

Summer Field Methods Course – Students will work with faculty from departments across the UCI campus to learn about water and water sampling techniques in different environments. Students travel to the Salton Sea, the San Joaquin Marsh, Crystal Cove and other locations in Orange County in this interdisciplinary course.

Quarterly Colloquium Series – UCI speakers, guests from other UC campuses, elsewhere, combined with small group meetings/discussions. The goal is to create networking and collaborative opportunities.

Undergraduate and Student Organization Events – Will help promote student-focused events including the Earth Day event during the spring 2017.

NASA-JPL – Water UCI will oversee a project supporting six doctoral students for 2014-15. This will tie JPL’s technical capabilities to emerging challenges in sustainability; e.g., remote sensing tools for food, water, energy and health at local, regional, global scales. Initial foci include Water Sustainability in the Anza-Borrego Area. This year’s students are from public health, anthropology, engineering, biology, and comparative literature. The students will host a workshop in Borrego Springs in spring 2015 to report on their accomplishments.

Additional educational activities led by Water UCI will be posted as they unfold. Stay connected by joining our mailing list.