California’s Drought: Causes, Consequences and Policy (co-sponsored by American Geophysical Union, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, & NASA)

In April 2015 Water UCI held a 3-day conference with faculty from nine UC campuses, public officials, water managers, and UCI graduate students to explore the underlying causes and significance of California’s current drought. Led by UCI engineering, biology, and social ecology faculty – together with UC Davis and AGU – an article was published in Nature calling for greater recognition of the human role in exacerbating water scarcity in California and globally.

(A. Aghakouchak, D.L. Feldman, M. Hoerling, T. E. Huxman, J. Lund, J. 2015. “Recognize Anthropocentric Drought,” Nature, 524: 409-411 1.18220)