Open Date: June 27, 2017
Close Date: August 15, 2017

The EPA, as directed by Congress and the FY17 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, is seeking applications proposing innovative research on detecting and controlling lead in drinking water. This RFA calls for research partnerships and collaborations with local communities that are potentially most vulnerable for exposures to lead in drinking water.

Clean drinking water is essential to protecting human health. This funding opportunity seeks applications that will propose research combining scientific fields to look at lead through the water distribution system, including the lead found in a communities water supply, issue with lead in water treatment, and distribution, and the potential effects of lead on public health. 

Grants awarded under this RFA will support the collection of data and analytical models that help communities identify and remediate the risks associated with lead in drinking water. This research will also help improve understanding of data sampling protocols and of the factors influencing how different communities are exposed to and are vulnerable to lead in drinking water. 

Guidance and training for investigators conducting EPA-funded research involving human subject may be obtained here: