Network for Water in European Regions and Cities (NetwercH2O)

Water UCI was invited to join this EU association of municipal and regional governments in 2014. NetwercH2o’s objective is promoting sustainable urban water management by serving as a forum for research in Europe, Israel, and Jordan.

There is high interest in our work on the water-energy nexus and related issues. Director Feldman served as “presider” for a general discussion of current urban water challenges at a December 2016 meeting in Brussels, Belgium – and has been appointed to the external advisory board for BluesCities, a comparative urban water research project supported by NetwercH2O. In this capacity, he participated in preparing the “Dubrovnik (Croatia) Declaration which formulated a plan for better integrating water and wastewater planning through inter-municipal cooperation (September 2015), and gave a keynote talk on UCI’s water conservation research in Australia and Southern California through UCI Water-PIRE.

Future efforts include incorporating experiences of North American cities in the network’s efforts (e.g., Los Angeles/Orange County), co-authorship of the European Atlas on Urban Water Management (January 2017); and collaboration on a proposal to UNESCO to fund a project on Water Diplomacy through melding science and art with other NetwercH2O collaborators. Funding for Feldman’s travel to all meetings was covered by NetwercH2O.


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Also, content/uploads/2016/01/Declaration-of-Dubrovnik-Revised-version-approved-at-the-Dubrovnik-Workshop- copia.pdf, and, D. Feldman, “The Melbourne-Southern California Experience” International Conference on Sustainable Cities for Water, Barcelona, Spain (20 February 2015). 0AND%20GENERAL%20ASSEMBLY%20FEBRUARY%202015.pdf)